Shareholder relations department provides services for the shareholders by providing answers for their inquires, keeping their records, informing supervisory commissions with any change in the shareholder’s stock, publishing financial statements on “Tadawul” website, plus publishing company’s updates, promotions and dividends.

Strengthening the relationships between the company and its shareholders is one of the most important duties of the department as it forms a link among the shareholders, the company (administratively and executively) and the capital market.


Company Profile

The main activities of the company are to manage its subsidiaries or to participate in the management of the other companies in which it contributes and to provide the necessary support for them, and to own industrial property rights from patents, trademarks, industrial rights, franchises and other moral rights and to exploit them and lease them to their subsidiaries or others.

Company History

Al kathiri Holding Company was established as an individual institution in Riyadh on 31-08-2008 under the name of Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri Establishment under Commercial Registration No: 1010255690 with a capital of SR 100,000. On 14-04-2014 the company was converted into a limited liability company, The shareholders agreed to transfer the legal entity of the company from a limited liability to a closed joint-stock company and increased the company”s capital to (27,300,000) Saudi riyals. On 04-04-2017, the board of directors agreed to increase the capital to (31,395,000) Saudi riyals, on 16-08-2018 shareholder extraordinary general assembly approved the company”s capital Increase to (37,674,000) Saudi Riyals, on 23-04-2019 shareholder extraordinary general assembly approved the company”s capital Increase to (45,208,800) Saudi riyals, On 05-10-2020 the Extraordinary General Assembly approved the Board of Directors recommendation to increase the company capital to 90,417,600 riyals through a rights issue, and on 23-06-2021 the Extraordinary General Assembly agreed to increase the capital to 113,022,000 Saudi riyals.


Stock File

Paid –up Capital Number of issued stockAuthorized Capital
113,022,000 11,302,200113,022,000
Paid Value Per SharePar Value
  • Last update: 2021-06-24

Investments Restrictions

There are no restrictions on the company’s listed shares according to the amended rules regulating the investment of qualified foreign financial institutions in the listed shares issued by the Capital Market Authority Board pursuant to resolution (3-1040-2016) dated 08/08/2016, In article XVI, subparagraphs (a / 3) and (a / 4).