Investor Relations Management

The Investors Relations Department is committed to providing
distinguished services to current and anticipated investors and shareholders by
providing them with valuable information in a timely and accurate manner, and
by committing to a high degree of transparency to reach the satisfaction of our
dear Investors and Shareholders through developing and improving relations by
facilitating services with carefully studied strategic plans that are reviewed
annually and developed including commensurate with the interests of the shareholders.
The administration undertakes the tasks of managing and organizing the stock
records for the company’s shareholders and following up on the distribution of
the dividends from the shares to be distributed.

The department also provides the competent authorities in
the company with periodic reports and all circulars issued by the regulatory
authorities and confirms their implementation, as well as following up on the
obligations of the members of the Board of Directors and Senior Executives
regarding their ownership of the company’s shares and lock-in periods.
Moreover, the IR department is also for preparing, drafting, publishing all
announcements of Al Kathiri on “Tadawul” website, in addition to preparing,
processing, and implementing all procedures related to convening the Ordinary,
Extraordinary General Assemblies and receiving all shareholders’ inquiries.

Al Kathiri Holding Company is pleased to receive Investors and shareholders inquiries at the
following number:

Tel: 920004192



Stock File

Paid –up Capital   Number of issued stock Authorized Capital
113,022,000   11,302,200 113,022,000
Paid Value Per Share Par Value
10 10
  • Last update: 2021-06-24

Investments Restrictions

There are no restrictions on the company’s listed shares according to the amended rules regulating the investment of qualified foreign financial institutions in the listed shares issued by the Capital Market Authority Board pursuant to resolution (3-1040-2016) dated 08/08/2016, In article XVI, subparagraphs (a / 3) and (a / 4).