Al Kathiri Holding Company announces obtainment of ISO Accreditation Certificate of Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015)

Al Kathiri Holding Company announces that it has obtained ISO Accreditation Certificate (ISO 9001:2015) that accredits the quality management system applied by the company and which conform to the international standards that the International Organization for Standardization ISO specifies. The Company has completed all requirements necessary for meeting monitoring requirements for achieving quality standards. ISO Accreditation Certificate (ISO 9001:2015) represents an international Accreditation for Quality Assurance with respect to Al Kathiri Holding Company’s ability of improving quality of its operational and service process. Al Kathiri Holding Company has been keen of applying these standards to provide services conform to international standards for continuing improvement. Therefore, the Company has received on this Sunday 10 December 2017 the Accreditation Certificate (ISO 9001:2015) from (United Accreditation Foundation) the providing body of such certificates.