In November 2017, Al Kathiri began production in a modern plant using latest industrial technologies. The company provides contractors with new concrete design. The ready-made concrete annual production capacity was 270.000 m3
In February 2018, AlKathiri resumed full production in the plant and sat up a new factory increasing production by 100% in order to meet Riyadh city's demand with a new production capacity reaching 2000 m3.

Al Kathiri Holding Co. continues to support its current projects in line with the company’s strategy, the vision of “Saudi 2030”, and the national transformation team 2020.

The company also strives according to develop according to the modern economic updates.


Keeping up with the future


We aim to become a leading company in supplying building materials, supporting logistic services, real estate promotion and contracting sectors withcreative solutions and high quality products respecting sustainability


- Provide the best solutions to meet efficiently customers' needs
- Realize high levels of success with our partners
- Maintain after-sales service with accurate and continuous follow-up
- Constant and continuous search for the latest technologies that serve the construction sector and using the latest manufacturing and production equipment.

A year after the launch of the homeland’s vision, we have moved stride forward towards a future that simulates 2030.
Because of our effort, we opened a modern concrete factory to meet the revolution in construction and prosperity. We also contributed to the capital's railway.
Al Kathiri Holding Company is a national company equipped to serve our country and those who make decisions in spirit that precedes the time that aims to create a happy future.
Our permanent goal is to be at the top, and have an active hand to make our vision come true, in a way that achieves to our country the elevation today and every day.
Al Kathiri Holding Company was born, prosper in this country, so it will remains in it and serve it over the years.

Meshal Alkathiri 25/1/2018

Rayed Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri


Adel Ibrahim Mohammed Al Kathiri

Vice Chairman & board member

Meshal Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri

Managing Director & Board Member

Saud Mohamed Abdullah Al-Shuraim

Board Member