Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces invitation to extraordinary general meeting that includes Increase of the company’s capital ( First Meeting )

IntroductionAl Kathiri Holding Co would like to invite its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly ( The First Meeting )
City and Location of the Extraordinary General Meeting3158 Al Amir Yazid Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdul Rahman – Al Malqa Dist. Riyadh, KSA
Link at the meeting
Date of the Extraordinary General Meeting2019-04-23 Corresponding to 1440-08-18
time of the Extraordinary General Meeting19:00
shareholding Eligibility to attend general assembly meetingshareholders registered in the Company’s shareholders registry at the Depository Center (Edaa) at the end of the trading session prior to the General Assembly meeting.
Quorum as percentage of shareholdingAs per Article (33) of the Company’s Articles of Association, the quorum for holding the Extraordinary General Assembly is the presence of shareholders representing at least 50% of the Company’s capital, If the required quorum has not been met, a second meeting will be held one hour after the end of the first meeting period. The second meeting shall be valid if attended by shareholders who represent at least (25%) of the Company’s capital.
Meeting AgendaAttached
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E-VoteThe shareholders, who registered in Tadawulaty, may vote on the items of the General Assembly agenda online starting from 10:00 AM on Friday 14 Shabban 1440 AH corresponding to 19 April 2019 until 04:00 PM From the day of the AssemblyTherefore, the Company invites all its shareholders to participate and vote online through Tadawulaty website taking into consideration that registration and voting are available in Tadawulaty services free for all shareholders.
Additional InformationAl Kathiri Holding Co. would like to highlight the following:- Eligibility of registering attendance at the Extraordinary General Assembly ends at the Assembly meeting start time.- Eligibility of voting on the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting agenda by attendees shall end upon completing sorting votes.- In accordance with the instructions of the Supervisory Authorities, each shareholder has the right to attend the General Assembly meeting and vote on its agenda or assign another person to do the same who is not a board member or a staff nor those who are permanently assigned for technical or administrative work for the Company (PA attached to this invitation). The power of attorney shall be authenticated by any of the following: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, any licensed bank, authorized persons, Notary Public, or authorized person to conduct authentication. A copy of the power of attorney shall be provided to the Company at least two days prior to the date of General Assembly meeting and the authorized person shall present original power of attorney before the meeting.For more information, please contact Shareholders Affairs during the working timing on 920004192/011-4167900, Fax no. 011-4167909 EXT 106, or through email: info@alkathiriholding.comBest Regards,
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