Al Kathiri Holding Co. announces the deposit of the fractions shares sale arising out of the capital increase into shareholders’ portfolios

IntroductionAlkathiri Holding Company announces the completion of the selling of the fractions of shares arising out of the Company’s capital increase, which based on the approval of the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting, held on Tuesday 23 April 2019, as per the below:
Sold fractional stocks End date2019-05-08 Corresponding to 1440-09-03
Number of Sold Shares20
Fractional Stocks Sales Revenue673.70
Average Selling Price per share33.69
Date of depositing fractional stocks revenue in the bank accounts of eligible investors2019-05-22 Corresponding to 1440-09-17
Name/Method of contact the delegate for distributing the fractional stocks sales revenueThe financial management of the company will deposit the fractions shares value in eligible shareholders banks accounts, which are linked to their investment portfolios. For further information.As for the eligible shareholders whose investment accounts were not available or were not completed or the holders of the certificates, they can review the financial management of Alkathiri Holding Company and receive their dues.
Additional InformationIf you have any questions, please contact the company directly by calling 0114167900 or 920004192Or email