Al kathiri Holding Co. Announces appointment of Board of Directors Chairman, vice- Chairman and sub committees from the Board of Directors

Announcement DetailAl kathiri Holding Company announces that in accordance with the extraordinary General Assembly resolution held on March 11, 2020 to appoint board members for the board session that started on 13-03-2020 and for a three-year period ending on 12-03-2023, the Board of Directors issued the following decisions:First: Mr. / Rayed Mohammed Nasser Alkathiri – Chairman.Second: Mr. / Adel Ibrahim Mohammed Alkathiri- Vice- Chairman.Third: Mr. /Khalid Abdul Mohsen Abdul Rahman Al Khayyal – Secretary of the Board of Directors.Fourth: Formation of the Nominations and Rewards Committee for the current session, from:1. Mr./ Saud Mohammed Abdullah Al Shraim- Head of Committee2. Mr. / Rayed Mohammed Nasser Alkathiri – Member3. Mr. / Khaled Abdul Mohsen Abdul Rahman Al-Khayyal – MemberFifth: Appointing representatives of the company at (Capital Market Authority (CMA) & the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)), which are:1. Mr. / Meshal Mohammed Nasser Alkathiri2. Mr. / Adel Ibrahim Mohammed AlkathiriSixth: Renewing the appointment of Mr. Meshal Mohammed Nasser Alkathiri to his position (CEO, Managing Director of the company).It should be noted that the Extraordinary General Assembly held on 11-03-2020AD appointed the members of the Audit Committee for a period of three Gregorian years beginning on 13-03-2020 and ends on 12-03-2023 and they are as follows:1. Mr. /Maher Nezame Abdelkarim Al bargouthy- Head of Committee2. Mrs./ Ashwaq Mohammed Nasser Alkathiri- Member3. Mr./ Mahmoud Hanfy Megely Oquel- Member