Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces the Submission of the Increase of the Company’s Capital by Offering Right Issues Application File to CMA

IntroductionWith reference to the announcement of Al Kathiri Holding Company on 20-03-1441 AH corresponding to 17-11-2019 AD regarding the recommendation of the Board of Directors to increase the company’s capital by offering rights issues of (45,208,800) SAR, subject to the approval of the relevant official authorities and the Extraordinary General Assembly .Al Kathiri Holding Company announces its submission on Tuesday, 26-09-1441 AH corresponding to 19-05-2020 AD, a requesting approval of the capital increase to the Capital Market Authority. Note that Falcom Financial Services Company has been appointed as a financial advisor to manage the subscription in the offering of issues rights . The company will announce later any developments in this regard.
Date of Submitting the Application File to CMA2020-05-19 Corresponding to 1441-09-26
Application SubjectIncrease of the company’s capital by offering rights issues with (45,208,800) SAR
Date of Announcing Board Recommendation to Increase the Company’s Capital on Tadawul’s Website2019-11-17 Corresponding to 1441-03-20
Additional InformationAny developments in this regard will be announced later