Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces the publication of a prospectus for the rights issue shares

Announcement DetailWith reference to the Capital Market Authority’s approval to increase the capital of Al Kathiri Holding Company by an amount of 45,208,800 Saudi riyals on August 31, 2020 AD through the issuance of priority rights shares, and in the desire of Al Kathiri Holding Company to provide information related to the offering before the convening of the Extraordinary General Assembly, which will be held, , on At 6:30 on Monday 05 October 2020 AD at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh, and through the means of modern communication (remotely), to approve the increase in the capital, determine the offering price and amend the articles of association, The company wishes to announce to its shareholders and the public that the prospectus for issuance of priority rights shares is available, attached below, and published on the CMA website.Note that the offering of priority rights shares under this prospectus depends on the shareholders ’approval in the extraordinary general assembly meeting referred to above.
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