Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces Resignation and Appointment Audit Committee Member

IntroductionAl Kathiri Holding Company announces the Board of Directors decision to accept the resignation of Mrs. Ashwaq Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri ( Outside Board Member) from the membership of the Audit Committee, while the Board of Directors also approved the appointment of Mr. Ahmed Nasser Ahmed Al Sayegh (Outside Board Member) as Audit Committee member until the end of the current session of the Board, this decision shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
Name of Resigning MemberAshwaq Mohammed Nasser ALkathiri
Resignation Submission Date2021-07-10 Corresponding to 1442-11-30
Resignation Effective Date2021-07-13 Corresponding to 1442-12-03
Reasons for ResignationPersonal Reasons
Resigning Member Start Date2020-03-13 Corresponding to 1441-07-18
Appointed Member NameAhmed Nasser Ahmed Al Sayegh
Membership Start Date2021-07-13 Corresponding to 1442-12-03
Brief Resume of the Appointed MemberIt is worth mentioning that Mr. Ahmed Nasser Ahmed Al Sayegh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from King Abdulaziz University.He is currently the director of the individuals sector in the Riyadh region at the Saudi National Bank.He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Leen Al Khair Company, Advance International Company, and Alian Industry Company.
Date of Board Meeting in which Appointed New Member(s) were Appointed2021-07-13 Corresponding to 1442-12-03
Board ApprovalBoard Approval May not be Deemed Final, this Appointment Shall Be Put before the First General Assembly Meeting for Approval
Additional InformationThe company’s management sincerely and deeply express its gratitude to Mrs. Ashwaq Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri for her contributions to the work of the Audit Committee during her membership in the committee, and wishes her continued success. The management also wishes Mr. Ahmed Nasser Ahmed Al Sayegh continued success in supporting the work of the Audit Committee.