Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces that one of its subsidiaries has received a land allocated for the construction of a concrete manufacturing plant in Al-Narges View Project in Al-Jawan Suburb from Abdul Rahman Saad Al Rashed & Sons Co.

Announcement DetailAl Kathiri Holding Company announces that the real estate developer, Abdul Rahman Saad Al Rashed & Sons Co, will allocate a land area of 7000 square meters for Alian Industry Company, a subsidiary of Al Kathiri Holding Company, to establish a plant for the manufacture and supply of ready-mixed concrete in Al-Jawan Suburb project.Al-Jawan – Murcia “Phase Two” -Al Narges View. As It is expected that Alian Industry will start production from the plant at the beginning of December 2021. An announcement will be made if any other developments come up.