Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces Calling Candidature for Board Members Elections

IntroductionAl Kathiri Holding Company is pleased to announce to the shareholders the opening of candidacy for membership of the company’s board of directors for the period extending from 13-03-2023, and for a period of three years ending on 12-03-2026, in accordance with the regulations contained in the Companies Law issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Corporate Governance Regulations Issued by the Capital Market Authority in addition to the policies, criteria, and procedures for membership in the Board of Directors (attached). Members will be elected during the next general assembly meeting, the date of which will be announced at a later time.
Type of AssemblyNew Session
Assembly Start Date2023-03-13 Corresponding to 1444-08-21
Assembly End Date2026-03-12 Corresponding to 1447-09-23
Number of members4
Application Start Date2022-12-01 Corresponding to 1444-05-07
Application End Date2022-12-31 Corresponding to 1444-06-07
Applications Submission MethodThe nomination application and its attachments shall be sent to the Nomination and Remuneration Committee in the following ways:1 – Email: info@alkathiriholding.com2 – Registered Mail: PO Box 33722 Riyadh 135233 – Handing over to the Secretariat of the Board of Directors at the Administration Building in Riyadh – Unit No. 19 , 31558 Prince Yazeed bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman – Al – Malqa district – Riyadh 13523 – 6695, At the site shown here ( inquiries, please contact the Secretariat of the Board of Directors on the following numbers:Phone: 011 4167900 Ext. 104
Application RequirementsFirst: Criteria and conditions for Board membershipA member of the Board of Directors shall meet the following conditions:01. He/she shall have the legal capacity02. He/she shall have the necessary qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge to enable him/her to contribute to enriching the work of the Board of Directors.03. To have sufficient time and willingness to make effort to work and carry out his/her tasks efficiently and effectively.04. He/she shall not be a member of the board of directors in five other listed joint-stock companies during his/her membership in the company.05. He/she must not have been subjected to a decision or judgment preventing him from working in companies whose shares are listed in the financial market during the membership period.06. He/she shall have the leadership capacity, and the ability to guide.07. The member shall be honest and upright, never have been convicted of a crime, and not be insolvent or bankrupt.08. The member shall have the appropriate financial knowledge.09. To be healthy.10. He/she shall not be a government employee unless he/she has the approval of his/her reference and the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.Second: Requirements for nomination for membership of the Board of Directors:1- Submit the candidacy application signed thereby (according to the Company’s form – attached – in Arabic and English) to the attention of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee, attached thereto the CV Form No. (1) (Issued by the Capital Market Authority – attached – in Arabic and English), and Form (3) (issued by the Capital Market Authority – attached – in Arabic and English). The form can be downloaded through the link ( with a clear copy of the nominee’s identity and family record, with an explanation of the nominee’s means of communication.2- Provide the Company with all his qualifications, experience, works and achievements he has achieved in the membership of other boards (if any).3- If the nominee has previously served as a member of the Board of Directors of ALkathiri Holding Company, he must attach to the candidacy application a statement from the Company’s management about the last term in which he became a member of the Board, including:- The number of board meetings that took place during each year of the term, the number of meetings he attended in person and the percentage of his attendance to the total meetings.- The permanent committees in which the member participated, the number of meetings held by each of those committees during each year of the meeting, the number of meetings attended by the member in person, and the percentage of his attendance to the total meetings.4- Attach a statement of the companies or institutions that he shares in the management or ownership of and that carry out business similar to that of the company.5- Attach a statement of the number and date of his membership in the boards of directors of joint-stock companies and the committees that he holds or continues to hold membership in, along with a statement from the management of joint-stock companies, of the number of meetings of the board of directors and committees, and the percentage of his original attendance to the total of meetings. A summary of the achievements and results achieved by the company during each year of the Board of Directors’ term.6- Attach all documents supporting what was stated in the candidacy application (qualifications, experience and membership of the boards of other joint stock companies).
Candidate Conditions
Attached Documents