Al Kathiri Holding Company announces its intention to issue the first series of the sukuk program denominated in Saudi riyals

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IntroductionWith reference to the Capital Market Authority’ approval of the application of the Special Purposes Entity Sukuk ALkathiri (the SPE), established under license No. (SPE00034) dated 12/05/1443H corresponding to 2021/12/16G by ALkathiri Holding Company (the Sponsor or Company), to register and offer debt-based debt instruments of up to SAR (500,000,000) in aggregate nominal amount of Sukuk (the “Programme”) in series of separate issuance (each a Series).The Company announces its intent to issue the first Series of Sukuk (the SUKUK) and the public offering thereof pursuant to the Programme.The company has mandated AlKhair Capital Saudi Arabia as the financial advisor and sole arranger, for the purposes of establishing the Programme and the issuance and offering of the SUKUK.
Offer TypePublic offering of the first series of Sukuk issuance under the Programme denominated in Saudi Riyals.
Date of the board’s decision2021-10-04 Corresponding to 1443-02-27
Value of the offerThe issuance amount will be determined at a later stage based on market conditions at the time.
The Purpose of the offerFor the general corporate purposes of the Company to meet its strategic objectives, as detailed in the base prospectus prepared for the Programme.
ApprovalsThe Capital Market Authority issued its approval on 02/03/1444H (corresponding to 28/09/2022G).The Saudi Exchange Company (Tadawul) issued its approval on 24/02/1444H (corresponding to 20/09/2022G).
Additional InformationThe company announces the publication of the main prospectus in relation to the Programme, and can be viewed on the website of the Capital Market Authority (,The website of the Saudi Exchange (Tadawul) ( ,The website of the SPE Sukuk ALkathiri (,The website of the Sponsor ALkathiri Holding Company ( website of the financial advisor and sole arranger ( Company notes the importance of reading the prospectus carefully and completely before making any investment decision in relation to any offering of the Sukuk issuances under the Programme.This announcement does not constitute an invitation or an offer to buy, own or subscribe for any securities. The company will announce any other material developments in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.The Company intends, prior to the commencement of the offering period, to conduct roadshows/investor calls in relation to the SUKUK to certain categories of investors in order to measure the extent of interest in the offering and market demand.The prospectus can also be found in English: